Anyone who believes that atheists have never killed or oppressed in the name of their beliefs hasn't read their history.

Part 2 - Oppression, Harrassment, and Persecution Comitted by Atheists Against Religious Believers
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The fact that atheism is the third-largest "religious belief" in the world may be attributed to policy in China, one of the most populous nations in the world. Unless a Chinese citizen is a member of the Communist Party, political and economic rights and privileges are highly limited. To be a member of the party one must avow atheism. Only a few religions are recognized by the Chinese government, and even then the actions of openly religious people and communities in China are strictly monitored.

Similar religious persecution occurs in North Korea and Vietnam; both countries are officially atheist, and several human rights/religious freedom activist groups have deplored the persecution and harassment that occurs to the minority of religious people in both countries.

Historically, Albania and the Soviet Union also participated in religious persecution. From 1967 to the 1980's the Albanian leader Enver Hoxha declared his country an officially atheist state, calling upon students to aid him in fighting "religious superstition." He confiscated mosques, churches, and temples, then razed many of them. Parents were forbidden by law to give children names that had a religious meaning. Those possessing holy books or religious objects were jailed for years.

While many atheists claim they do not harass, take advantage of, or "evangelize" people for their religious beliefs (especially in the modern day), many extremist anti-religious groups and individuals still mete out harassment to others, something easily witnessed on the Internet.

The lesson to be learned is that atheism's zealots are as every bit as violent, hateful, and intolerant as religious ones.

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