Here is an introduction to some characters that appear in Ruins.

Most of the characters you see in Ruins are instances of Prontera Parish members, friends of the Parish, and additional characters from their storylines. It's a sad fact of the matter, however, that some of these characters which I've modified from the incarnations we've come to know and love will not get a full explanation in the comic itself.

So, let's see what we can do here.

Elrick Starfall: The Black Phoenix

Typically called "The Black Phoenix" or "Orbonne's Assassin" to those who respect him less than they should. Elrick is from another land, and came here as a refugee with the remains of his dynasty. When they were found and wiped out in a sneak attack by his enemy clan, he vowed revenge. Orbonne made him a deal, and with the power of the black shard, the Black Phoenix rose from the ashes of the Jade. The reborn clan wreaked their bloody revenge on their home continent. Now, the head of the Wolf clan leader sits inside Elrick's column in the chamber of Crystal Hearts.

Talien Rahl and Violet Blanchard: Death

Talien and Violet, represented by the Tarot Card 'Death', are not from this world.
How they got here and what they are doing here remains unknown.

Tornics: Emperor Blue

If Elrick is Orbonne's bloody right hand, then Tornics is the dagger in his left. Tornics rarely leave's Orbonne's side, and works as a sorcerer bodyguard. When he does leave Orbonne's side, he is watched constantly by ninja. Tornics' black heart is considered both a merit and a flaw to Orbonne, and it simply wouldn't do to have someone so close to you betray you ...
... Right, Irie?

Irie deArc: The Fool

Irie, Orbonne's Brother, is the polite, submissive brother that any strong leader could want. His skills with the sword are mainly focused around swinging as hard as he can and hoping he hit something with it. However, he hates hurting people. He's followed Orbonne on all of his campaigns, hoping that by staying at his brother's side, Orbonne will have less reason to watch him, or end him. To a point, he's right. To a point.

Dareon Clearwater: The Hanged Man

The Clearwaters have seen hard times. Normally a family of Knights and Protectors, the most brave and loyal of any in Prontera, they came upon trouble when Orbonne drove them from their home with his control over the king's ministry.
A simple exile was ordered, but when a loud sound was heard during the military move, combat broke out, and the Clearwaters were forced to flee the city. Tomoe Gozen Clearwater valiantly gave her life for the others to escape. Dareon blamed Orbonne for this cruelty, and he's right. No sword felled the swords mistress ... it was black magic.

Lucieve: Hierophant

Lucieve is the leader of a small but powerful cell of the resistance, and has the distinction of being one of the few who knew Orbonne before he changed. The rest you will have to see for yourself.

Karaen Shikaru: Judgment

Karaen is Orbonne's knight, a bond he has worked hard to keep at a distance. She is a strong leader of the knights. She lives better than either the king or the queen. While Orbonne's body grows old, she hasn't aged a day since they met. Her attitude towards Orbonne's rule is: "I'll outlive him, and make sure none succeed him."

Rin DePrettz: Justice

Rin is a traveler of worlds, and is not the same Rin of the world of Ruins, who was executed by Orbonne when Geffen fell. So far, next to nothing is known about her origins. Is she our Rin, or a Rin from yet another strange and unfamiliar world? We will find out.

Jim "Red" Harwund (AKA Sir Hawkeye): Lovers

After an attempted coup, Red was thrown in the dungeon as an example of hopelessness to the rebels. No successful rescue has been launched, but the Black Phoenix notches his saya for every rescue crew he slaughters. Soon, he'll need a new saya.

Orbonne deArc: The Tower

Orbonne DeArc, our villain. Some time in his early career as an acolyte, he lost the ability to heal, and his magic changed dramatically. Soon, all it was good for was making him stronger, and he changed outlooks on his class. Now that he is a Cardinal, he hardly uses magic at all, in favor of a more direct approach. Now, his Mighty Staff and Stiletto are as feared as any magic sword to have appeared in the last 100 years.

Thaddeus "Monkeybooya" Clearwater: The Hermit

One of the adopted sons of the Clearwater family, "Monkeybooya" has a sharp and sarcastic wit, and speaks in the gutter patois of Alberta. Thaddeus is a scout for his family, and subsequently the rebels.

Mako "Mako-chan" Tanaka: Temperance

Scion of Payon, Mako-chan and the Payon Rangers have, for the most part, managed to keep a separatist movement of former Parishioners hidden away in the mountains, where they take in refugees of Cardinal Orbonne's campaigns.

???: Devil

A dark shadow beneath the Sograt Desert's borders with the Orc Forests, she preys on whatever happens to be nearby.

Vegi Bloodclaw: Chariot

Spurned for her strength and abandoned by allies, Vegi Bloodclaw sought solace in the thick arms of the trolls. Not long afterwards, the trolls received Orbonne's personal attention as the greatest single threat to his nation. Now, she and the survivors roam the lands north of Prontera, rivaling the Orcs for the #1 most dangerous group outside of Pronteran Civilized life.

Koneko De’Ment, Octavian Invictus, and Alen: The Knights of the Parish

Three of the many soldiers who belong to the Prontera Parish.

Emelkie: The Magician

A wizard, formerly of the Geffen Academy, and a survivor of its skills and techniques. He now operates a rebel enclave in the Geffen "old town," the area near where the tower was.

Dragon Wanderer: The Hidden Dragon

One of the great seers of our age, her real name is unpronounceable and in its native language would be written in a form similar to "^o^=3^o^." Seldom speaks in sentences longer than ones that fit within a sale window, she is kept as one of the great secrets of the Pronteran Rebels, the only group brave enough to run their rebellion directly under Orbonne's feet.
(Note: DW represents the dragon in the shijin ten-chi no sho, in the same sense that Elrick represents the phoenix.)

Magdalena: The Merchant

Magdalena represents many things to the Prontera Rebels. The strength of her house and her character, Alberta's desire to remain free, and the secret backing of the Merchant Guild.


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