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Behold, the very first comic I did for Ragnarok Wisdom! Man, I've come a LONG way since these first few dozen strips or so, huh? This comic is why I chose to call the resulting series "Ragnarok Wisdom," back in the day. "Wisdom" in the form of adages based on experience or observation in Ragnarok Online.

See that background image? I made that from various Payon textures!

Oh, and Sun Wukong is from the Prontera Parish. It's true, he doesn't have a heal! Wait... I think he might have a small one. Or he did, at least. He got better after he class changed, I think.

Back in the day, though, he'd have to rely on other Acolytes and potions to keep him healthy. And this was back before Monks were released, to boot! Not that it's necessarily a bad thing to buck the trend! After all, I've been a permanent Acolyte for how long now?


Comic #1

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